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Organisational Health Review

What is an Organisational Health Review?

Through an Organisational Health Review, Gryphon Psychology is able to address People Risk issues in your organisation including:

  • Interpersonal tension
  • Team-based and individual conflict
  • Low staff morale and distress
  • Organisational change issues
  • Customer service delivery (internal and external)
  • Staff wellness issues.

Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) legislation requires a workplace to be free from the risk of psychosocial hazards and to promote wellness. Left unmanaged, People Risk issues will commonly escalate into formal grievances, complaints and psychological workers’ compensation claims.

Gryphon Psychology uses a non-adversarial approach to resolving People Risk issues. Starting with an Organisational Health Review, our methodology uses a WH&S framework to identify psychosocial hazards, assess the risks, decide on and implement risk control measures, and audit and review the implemented controls.

The benefits of an Organisational Health Review

  • Allows a ‘whole of work unit’ focus to understand morale, workplace climate, team and management issues
  • Provides recommendations to enhance the support and development of all parties, as distinct from a complaint/person-specific industrial grievance
  • Provides a mechanism to identify and understand the broader context of interpersonal difficulties and staff/management concerns
  • Limits further damage to relationships from conflicts
  • Provides a platform to restore functional working relationships - maximising both employee wellness and organisational performance.

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