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Neuroscience Partnership - People, Resilience and Productivity

Posted 1st July 2016


Save the Date

We are extremely excited and eager to announce that we will be holding an industry first workshop in September. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes establishing a new partnership to be able to bring you a Neuroscience Tool that will reshape how you measure wellbeing in the workplace. As we are finalising the details for the workshop we could not help but give you a sneak peak to why we are so excited.

Where: Brisbane 

When: 13 September 2016

This is for:
  • General Managers 
  • Senior Management
  • HR Leaders
  • Safety and Health Leaders

Neuroscience Partnership -

People, Resilience and Productivity

Gryphon Psychology has partnered with a global leader in neuroscience, Dr Pieter Rossouw,  to present a workshop on the latest research in neuroscience, and its application in the workplace.

This is an opportunity to learn how neuroscience is changing the way organisation’s can manage and maximise their employee performance, wellness, safety and fitness for work. 
We look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming week.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this industry first and how neuroscience can improve performance and wellbeing.

Naomi Armitage 
Director, Gryphon Psychology


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