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People, Resilience & Productivity

Posted 10th August 2016

Learn how neuroscience is changing the way organisations manage and maximise their employee performance, wellness, safety and fitness for work. In a climate of uncertainty, a resilient workforce is increasingly important to be able to execute on strategy and maintain competitive advantage.

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Neuroscience Partnership - People, Resilience and Productivity

Posted 1st July 2016

We are extremely excited and eager to announce that we will be holding an industry first workshop in September. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes establishing a new partnership to be able to bring you a Neuroscience Tool that will reshape how you measure wellbeing in the workplace. As we are finalising the details for the workshop we could not help but give you a sneak peak to why we are so excited.

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What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Counsellor?

Posted 11th March 2016

EAP services are often provided by a range of professionals. With increasing cost pressures on EAP services many providers will look at ways to reduce their largest overhead which is wages. This often means choosing less qualified and experienced staff. When being asked to tender for EAP services the scope of work often asks for ‘Counsellors’. The title Counsellor is not synonymous with Psychologist. Why is this important you may ask?

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Quaterly News - June

Posted 21st June 2015

What does a good EAP look like? Not all EAP’s are equal!! The mantra ‘you pay for what you get,’ very much exists in EAP’s. Many EAP’s provide little substance behind the glossy brochure. EAP’s are typically split into two models

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Mental Health Expo - Invite

Posted 17th March 2015

Mental Health Expo

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Quarterly News - January

Posted 20th January 2015

The year ahead 2015

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New Partnership

Posted 28th November 2014

Special Announcement

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Quarterly News November

Posted November 2014

Anger & Relationships

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Quarterly News: Your Body Clock and the Environment.

Posted 1 May 2014

Our internal clocks are responsible for our body's daily rhythms, including our sleep, wake patterns and metabolism. You become particularly aware of this when you are a shift worker or travel frequently. When doing shift work you need to be active and alert at night when your body is designed to be asleep; and sleep during the day when you want to be awake. The statistics indicate that shift workers are six times more likely to be in a fatigue-related road accident than other workers.

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Emerging Trends in Fitness for Work in 2014

Posted 25th March 2014

In 2014, organisations face serious challenges in ensuring their employees are fit for work. BSS and Gryphon Psychology have provided FFW services across Australia and internationally since 1999 and have a unique understanding of the issues our clients face. To this end, we are pleased to invite personnel from your organisation to attend the complimentary “Emerging Trends in Fitness for Work in 2014” workshop.

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