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Employee Assistance Programs

Industry-experienced EAP providers

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) from Gryphon Psychology provides on-call professional counselling for your employees and their families to help resolve any personal or work-related problems.

With our industry experience in mining and resources, we can tailor an EAP package to suit your organisation’s needs, locations, workforce and budget.
Employees talking to a psychologist at an early stage can often prevent a relatively minor concern developing into a major problem.

A senior psychologist also manages the EAP to ensure smooth running with your company's policies and processes.

Gryphon Psychology's counselling services are:

  • Staffed by fully qualified psychologists with resource industry experience
  • Confidential and voluntary
  • Provided by the company at no cost to employees
  • Available after hours at convenient times.

Our EAP programs provide formal procedures to undertake management referrals. More details of this service are outlined on the Supervisor Support Program page.

Help from fully qualified psychologists

Our EAP psychologists have industry experience with a wide range of personal and work problems including:

  • Stress at home or work
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Problems with children
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Workplace harassment and bullying
  • Any other mental health issues impacting on work performance or safety.

How do employees access our EAP?

An employee or an immediate family member can contact Gryphon Psychology directly on the 24 hour counselling line (1800 056 076) to make an appointment with a Gryphon psychologist in their local area.

For urgent situations Gryphon Psychology can provide same-day appointments or telephone counselling.

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