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Critical Incident Response

Always where you need us

Gryphon Psychology provides a 24-hour, year-round Critical Incident Response (CIR) service accessed via dedicated and secure communication procedures.

Should a critical incident occur at a mine, building site or other workplace you can expect:

  1.  An initial response from a Gryphon psychologist within 10 minutes.
  2. Rapid deployment of CIR-trained psychologists within 10 minutes to site and full follow-up, documentation and reporting.
  3. Expert consultancy support, from the initial call through to the follow up process of incident management.

The Gryphon advantage

In a critical incident our clients receive a rapid, reliable response - every time.

Gryphon Psychology does not outsource. We employ our own psychologists who live and work in the local community and are always nearby.

The occurrence of a critical incident can have a profound impact on your individual employees and the organisation. We believe that a rapid response to a critical incident demonstrates to your employees that the organisation cares about its people. In addition Gryphon Psychology can provide appropriate support to the next of kin.

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